The aim of my breeding is, of course, to breed sound and healthy dogs and preserve the wonderful bloodlines and temperament from our foundation bitch Swedish Champion Nor-Castle's Nadesjda (Nadja - see past dogs). She goes back to some outstanding dogs, such as Al Wintar's Ni-Ni Noblesse.
I think that the inside of the dog is sometimes overlocked. It isn't always that "you get what you see" but I hope that all my puppies will have the same great temperament as the previous puppies have enjoyed, so I will really try too maintain that good temperament. Even though you show the dogs, most of the time you keep them as family members so that's why I'm so keen on that!
As a type I have some favourites. Nadja belongs to my "dream type" and so do the grandfather of my B-litter, Rakhan's father, Ch Meytas Dostoyevski. Kennel Borscana's littermates Rocket Queen and Civil War were also of the type that I like very much.
I am also very fond of a lot of the old dogs from the Norwegian kennel Kazar (where Nadja's parents came from).
Another big love was the grandfather of my first litter, Olagus Farawiet. He was one of the most balanced dogs that I have ever met (like a judge said, he never put a foot wrong). And he had a wonderful temperament, always grinning.

I only breed from individuals/dogs with a good mentality that follows the breed standard. Not all of them have entered the show rings and that’s not what I require as a breeder. Good mentality and health is my main priorities but of course my hope is for a beautiful and healthy borzoi that is fit for purpose.

As a breeder of standing, it’s my prerogative to choose the puppies’ new homes and families; and instead of adhering to a rigid list of applicants, I seek to find a perfect match between the puppy and its future family, where I expect it to enjoy a good, caring and loving home.

As an experienced breeder, I have a long-term plan for my line, meaning that I don’t use any sire that may happen to cross my path..

If You are interested in a puppy, please contact me by e-mail